Neon Afternoon

With powerful tools from research through production, generative AI means a new era for advertising agencies. One such agency is Neon Afternoon: a full service creative agency built on a foundation of AI. With a strong differentiator, they approached me for help in bringing it all to life. I worked with them to create positioning, brand identity and language, and intro materials. All aspects of the work were created with the help of AI tools to provide proof to the power of AI.

Role: Creative Director, Designer, Writer, Strategist, Editor

Logo and Icon

A simple yet sophisticated approach. The raised “o” alludes to the afternoon sun and the coming of a new day.


Brand book

A sampling of pages and detail of visual elements. The statues are a secondary identity element to communicate the agency’s take on creating long-lasting, artful content that is a mix of human creativity and AI tools.

Intro videos

Two videos to be used as content for social awareness. The logo animations were created by an amazing typographer and enhanced and edited with AI tools.