Slow Dance (hip hop group)
Hunks: Life Vest Album

The Seattle hip hop group Slow Dance had a new album described as “Yacht Rap” - a blend of those smooth 70’s and 80’s yacht rock standards mixed with hip hop. To bring the album to life in a way that was as big as the music itself, we created a special run of life jackets with mp3 players and speakers for an all-in-one, yacht-inspired, album listening experience.

Role: Everything, including sewing (passion project)

The Vests

Vests were made with reclaimed fabric from the 1980’s. Speakers were put in the neck area and an MP3 player with the album was connected. 
The vests included liner notes and an album info sticker.


Albums were sent out to various media outlets. They were featured in Wakeboarding Magazine’s Best New Gear Guide and on the Podcast “Who Charted” with comedian Howard Kremer.