360 degree campaign.

Nearly 40% of Americans are worried about the expenses of an unexpected injury or illness.
Aflac supplemental health insurance provides financial relief for people who are burdened with out-of-pocket medical costs.
Sounds like Aflac is a perfect solution. But there’s a disconnect:
While 91% of Americans know Aflac, only 20% of those people actually know what Aflac is beyond “the Duck” and “insurance.” Most people think Aflac is just like all the other insurance brands they see on TV.

Break through and educate consumers who see the Duck and instinctually react with, “Aflac, I know what this is.”

For people to understand how Aflac can help during a health event, we need to educate people on their misconceptions of Aflac; they need to learn what Aflac Isn’t.


The Aflac Help Desk made a perfect vehicle for social: educating about common misconceptions and to answering people’s questions. In just a few months followers on Instagram increased by 35% and interaction increased by 1%.

Aflac “Flock Spots” were set up at music festivals throughout the summer. Flock Spots gave festival-goers a much needed respite from the craziness of the festivals and educated against misconceptions about artists and Aflac with trivia and quizzes.
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The Aflac Help Desk also functioned as a call center.
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Our target is passionate about music. So we phrased a portion of the campaign through music to reinforce and amplify consumers’ education. The music portion of the campaign included a strong presence at the GRAMMYs with exclusive artists interviews.
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